ZIPPER MASCHINEN ZI-HS5TN Οριζόντιος διαχωριστής κορμών 5t/520mm

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ZIPPER MASCHINEN ZI-HS5TN Οριζόντιος διαχωριστής κορμών 5t / 520mm

Επαγγελματικών προδιαγραφών Αυστριακής προέλευσης

- Horizontal model - compact and powerful perfect for splitting firewood
- 2200 W (S3 25%)
- IP54
- Stable and torsion-resistant steel construction
- Two-hands safety switching mechanism
- 2 wheels and a handle for convenient transportation
- state-of-the-art safety controls according to the new 2017 standard
- space-saving storage

technical details:
motor data:
voltage: 220-240 V

total dimensions in mm: 1160x425x610

log splitters:
splitting force in t: 5
splitting diameter in mm: 50-250
log splitting capacity: 200-520
hydraulic oil capacity in l: 3,5
hydraulic lift in MPa: 20,60
forward speed in cm/s: 3,7
reverse speed in cm/s: 6,17

volume level and vibration:
sound pressure level in dB(A): 89,8
handgrip vibration in m/s²: <2,5

gross weight in kg: 60
net weight in kg: 55

packaging width in mm: 425
packaging length in mm: 1.160
packaging height in mm: 610

general data:
EAN code: 9120039233741